Mountain Home Primitive Baptist Church – Asheville, North Carolina

Mountain Home Primitive Baptist Church 

Gods  Church  is  made  up  of  those  seeking  rest from laboring and
being  heavy  laden  with  the burdens and  sins of this life.  We desire
only  to  glorify God Almighty for his free and sovereign grace.  Eternal
salvation  is not  dependant in  part on what I or you do, but solely upon
the  blood shed  of  our  Lord  and  Savior  Jesus  Christ.   His  plan of
salvation  is  sure  and  steadfast,  “For  he  shall save his people from
their sins”.

If  you  are  in  need  of  the comfort and assurance that the gospel can
bring;  declaring  the  finished  work  of  Jesus  Christ,  we invite you to
come  and  worship  the  Lord  with  us  at  Mountain  Home   Primitive
Baptist Church.

May the grace of God be with you
Elder Kerry Lathrop