Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church – East Mountain, Texas

1st, 3rd & 4th Sundays

Singing at 10:30 A.M.

Preaching from 11:00

Coming from Shreveport, La. on I-20 to Longview.  Take exit ramp 599 near Longview.  Take the loop 281West. You will pass the Longview Mall on the left. After you pass the Mall there will be two more traffic lights. This is highway 300.The distance from I-20 to highway 300 is 10.8 miles. There will be a Walgreen Store on the corner. Turn right (north) onto 300. Travel north on 300 for approximately 5.2 miles. That will be the intersection of 300 and FM-1844. There will be an Exxon Station on the right and a fireworks warehouse on the other corner. Turn left on FM-1844 at this point. Go one block passed the 4-way blinking red light and turn right onto East Mt. Rd. The distance from 300 to East Mt. Rd. is 2 miles.  When you turn on East Mt. Rd, you will see the Old East Mountain School just ahead. The road splits right there and you need to go left on Municipal Dr.  Our Church is on the right, next to the old School.