My chief aim is simply to give people a map to the church house. That’s all. I may scale back the site’s other elements in favor or building on the site’s key strength in its directory. I would love it if a person visiting (or moving to) another area could pull up this site and be encouraged that there are Primitive Baptist churches that they can go to.

Given distances and the difficulty of communicating with so many churches, my information can only be as relevant and accurate as what is reported to me. If you have more current information, please share it with me. Another difficulty of distance and the sheer number of churches is that I have no idea, in many cases, what the church is like.  Ultimately, please know that this site is merely a listing, not an effort to get the various churches to recognize any national, denominational structure, nor does being listed mean that a church is agreeing to some confession of faith. It’s just my effort to help people–that want to be at the Lord’s church– to find a church, wherever they may be. If you have an update to provide, or need information or listings removed, email me at info@pbchurches.org. Or call me at 706-717-8171.



Because of the sources we use to obtain the information which is posted, it may appear that we are partial to only a particular area. That is not the intent of this site for it is intended for all Primitive Baptist Churches and their Associations, of like faith, who hold the doctrines of Grace dear and true. This site is not intended to be only for churches of a particular state or region, so please send me updates. I would be over joyed to be able to post meetings from throughout the country, or even the world. Admittedly, Primitive Baptists are particularly numerous in Southern States. But as you see, many states boast a number of churches, and I know of there are more. Therefore, if you have any information from churches in the Northeast, Mid-West, and Pacific coast, I would greatly appreciate it.


What is meant by Primitive?

Primitive Baptist ancestors have been called by various names over the ages. The name Primitive Baptist became popular in the early 1800s when the term primitive conveyed the idea of originality rather than backwardness. Accordingly, Primitive Baptists claim to maintain the doctrines and practices of the original Baptists, who are claimed to be the New Testament church.

Primitive also conveys the idea of simplicity. This well describes the Primitive Baptists, whose church services consist of nothing more than preaching, praying, and singing.

Courtesy – FAQ About the Practices of Primitive Baptist


The Name Primitive Baptist

The word “Primitive” means original or first of the kind. It is one of many names the church has been called since it was established by Jesus during his earthly ministry (Matthew 16:18). Other names through history have been Christians (Acts 11:26), Donatists, Waldenses, Albigenses, Anabaptists, Novations, Lollards and Baptists.

The name “Primitive” was first used in the early 1830’s when a major division came in the Baptist family. One group advocated a general atonement with salvation by the work of Christ, plus belief of the gospel by the sinner. They came to be known as “New School” or “Missionary Baptists”. The other group continued holding steadfastly to the doctrine of “Particular Redemption” with salvation entirely by the grace of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. They came to be known as “Old School” or “Primitive Baptists”. Therefore, the word “Primitive” denotes the desire to maintain the identity of the Lord’s church as he established it and gave it to his disciples.

The Purpose of the Church

The Church was established by Christ (Matthew 16:18) to be a home (on earth) away from home (Heaven) for God’s children. It is a refuge or sanctuary where one may receive spiritual comfort, rest and peace, and instruction in righteousness. The church was also established to give glory to God by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end (Ephesians 3:21).

Courtesy “What we believe” – Vestavia Primitive Baptist Church


In one sense we are in the “Primitive Baptist ” denomination, but that is sometimes misleading. “Primitive Baptist” describes our worship style and beliefs, but there is no national organization or headquarters for Primitive Baptist churches, just fellowship among the like-minded. The head of each local body is Christ. It’s not easy to describe a “church.” To truly learn about who we are and what we believe, we invite you to worship and fellowship with us anytime.

Courtesy Rocky Fork Primitive Baptist Church



Because fellowship with other churches among the Primitive Baptists is encouraged, many churches have entered into an Association with sister churches. These Associations typically consist of several churches that are located within a reasonable traveling distance of each other. They meet together to fellowship and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ several times each year. These Associational meetings usually take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, allowing for the visitors to return to their home church for Sunday services. It is a wonderful experience to be able to listen to as many as six sermons per day proclaiming the good news of God’s grace. Visitng Elders from other associations are often chosen to speak and occasionally a few are asked to travel great distances to be guest speakers.


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