Forsaking & Re-forsaking – Elder Dolph Painter

Forsaking & Re-forsaking – Elder Dolph Painter

Forsaking & Re-forsaking

Jesus called Andrew, Peter, James, and John at the beginning of His ministry. At the time of their calling, Andrew & Peter were fishing, and James & John were mending nets. Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men” and commanded the four to follow Him. Scripture says the four forsook their nets and followed Jesus. Mark 1:16-20.

A short time later we find these four men fishing again. It appears the four had not altogether forsaken their nets. True, the men accompanied Jesus on a preaching trip and during that trip they witnessed some remarkable things: the casting out of an unclean spirit and the healing of Peter’s mother-inlaw. Luke 4:33-39. But, the four returned to their fishing. They toiled unsuccessfully all night, then Jesus gave them so many fish their ships sank. Again Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men.” Scripture says the four re-forsook their nets and followed Jesus. Luke 5:1-11.

About 3 and ½ years later we find three of the four back at sea. It appears Peter, James, and John had not completely rid themselves of their nets. They toiled unsuccessfully all night, then Jesus gave them so many fish their nets broke.Jesus gave them more fish than they could handle. Jesus’ response was much like God’s in the wilderness. “You want quail? I’ll give you quail!” “You want fish? I’ll give you fish!” John 21-1-19.

As the fish were brought in, John elbowed Peter and said, “I’m getting that deja vous feeling.” How many times have we forsaken something we know the Lord would have us leave off, only to find ourselves being reminded by a sermon or a passage of scripture, “Hey, I’ve given that up once before.” Let us consider two realities of Peter’s experience: 1) the Lord loved Peter enough to rebuke and recharge him, and 2) the Lord was serious enough to break Peter’s nets.

May we forsake and re-forsake our nets to do the Lord’s service.

– Articles written by [Elder] Dolph Painter, pastor of the Moriah Primitive Baptist Church –